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SPOKANE, Wash. — It is Cyber-Monday and that means businesses big and small are hoping you will support them during these crazy times. A strong web and social media presence are critical for shops to make it far beyond just today. But one small business says their Instagram page, the way they found and connected with customers, was abruptly deleted.  

Mia Gray, a local small business owner had found a way to merge her passion with her profession, and she was ecstatic to share that with others.


“It was meant to be lifestyle coaching, personal training and nutritional coaching business to help people online and in-person.”


And what better resource to help than someone who can relate, knows your struggles, and can personally show that healthy changes are possible.


“One of my transformations went viral which was really encouraging for a new business owner,” she said.


This year it was official. Lift and Heal Wellness was taking off and social media was a huge factor. Mia says she was able to share her own journey complete with transformation photos. Mia says her Instagram following had grown to 18,000.


“I was able to help people all over the world,” she said. “It takes time to build that kind of following and connection. It’s not something I paid for, or hired a company to do for me, it was literally through sharing my own story, my own life.”


And all that was what supported her, an paid her bills.


“I was able to support my household on this income,” she said. “Even after COVID lockdowns shut down my gym (where I worked out of,) and I lost income, I still was able to survive on my online presence.”


That was until early November hit.


“It just says user not found,” Mia said.


Mia says she discovered her Instagram account was gone, seemingly deleted. 


Social media sites like Instagram make it clear, they can and will disable accounts that violate community guidelines. 


Mia read through those and couldn’t think of anything she posted that would have come close to violating them. She said she hit multiple deadlines in finding someone to help. 


“This was everything … I was making money, emotionally flourishing, and all of that was just gone,” she said. “It just felt wrong.”


Mia wrote to our Help Me Hayley about the ordeal and Hayley did share with her a link to hopefully get the matter officially reviewed. Mia says she hopes if you take away nothing else from this story, you’ll see the impact engagement can have on a small business. A simple ‘like’ or share can really add up for businesses. 

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